Is Spotting During Pregnancy Normal?

Yes, it is normal for a pregnant woman to undergo Pregnancy spotting.

Sometimes this condition comes along with low back pain and cramping in your lower abdomen.

Large increase of blood volume and implantation of blastocysts can cause to release some blood through the uterine walls.

Miscarriage also begins in this way, so it is better to inform your practitioner and monitor the spotting soon.

If the spotting is due to the activities like sex, exercise or a busy workday, then it is better to avoid such activities until the spotting disappears.pregnancy spotting

Bleeding in the first trimester is very common, but if you notice it in the second or third trimester, it is much more life threatening.

If you notice heavy bleeding, passage of tissues or clots, severe pain and fever, then you should immediately call your doctor, ambulance or get some to drive you to the hospital.

If the discharge is pink or brown then you shouldn’t have to worry. If the discharge is in bright red, then it would be a warning sign and you should consult your practitioner immediately.

Every pregnant woman should check for diseases like Chlamydia and bacterial vaginosis because these conditions can result in spotting or preterm labor.

Also, you should undergo tests for hepatitis and beta strep during pregnancy. To reduce the early spotting it is essential to take as much rest as possible.


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