Keflex During Pregnancy

To have Keflex during pregnancy, you should be aware of the FDA’s special category system. This system is applied in case of medications and drug to assess their risks regarding pregnancy.

According to this category system, Keflex is a category B medication. This means that in case of the studies conducted on animals the medication didn’t have any negative effects on the fetus. However there were no studies conducted on pregnant women.

Considering the reality

Although these studies regarding taking Keflex while being pregnant are quite accurate, we have to add that animals and humans don’t always react in the same way to medication. This means that you should take the medication only if you talk to your health care provider and he or she says that the benefits outweigh the risks.

If you are taking the medication and you get pregnant, you should talk about this to your doctor. Your situation will be assessed and you will get some recommendations.

The truth about the danger

The biggest threat regarding taking Keflex when being pregnant is that the medication can cross the placenta, reaching the baby. According to one of the studies conducted in this field, there could be a connection between the medication and cognitive defects.

During the study, the specialists observed 127 defects, 19 of which were cardiovascular. In another study, the specialists noticed 176 defects and 44 of these were cardiovascular. In both studies, the specialists noticed that some of the babies were affected by cleft palate.

The studies show a connection between the defects and the medication, but we also have to take into consideration the possible underlying health issues of the mother. At the moment there is no controlled data in case of pregnancies. This is why you should give a good thought whether you really want to take the medication.


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