Kidney Pain During Pregnancy

In case you experience kidney pain during pregnancy you should know that this has two main causes: kidney infection and urinary tract infection. In this case, the symptoms include discomfort, tenderness and pain in the waist, lower back and lower abdomen.

In order to have the right treatment, it is important to have the right diagnosis otherwise the lives of the mother and of the baby could be in danger.

Urinary tract infections

Urinary tract infection is a problem that usually affects pregnant women between weeks 6 and 24. Pregnant women are more susceptible towards problems of this kind because of all the changes that they have to go through. It is a known fact regarding kidney pain while being pregnant that in this period the uterus expands and so it becomes more difficult from urine to travel from the bladder.

As a result women could be affected by an infection of this kind. The symptoms of this problem include discomfort during urinating, frequent urination, changes in the urine’s color, bloody urine, pain in the pelvic area, pain during sexual intercourse and cramping.

Symptoms of kidney infections

In case the infection isn’t treated in time, it could lead to a kidney infection. The initial symptoms include pregnancy kidney pain, fever, chills, vomiting, pain during urination, frequent urination and bloody urine. In the same time women could also be affected by pain in the lower back.

The pain could get so severe that it stops women from performing their daily activities. These infections could also lead to fatigue. Some of the patients feel like they are so tired that they can’t do anything. In order to diagnose the infection the doctors can run different kinds of tests. Once the infection is found, the woman is brought to a hospital and she receives antibiotics intravenously to make her better.



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