Know About Pregnancy Termination Before Making Decision!

Pregnancy termination is a medical process of terminating a pregnancy. It is also known as abortion.

Pregnancy termination can be done in two ways: using medical procedure and surgical abortion.

There are options of pregnancy termination depending on stage of your pregnancy [Abortion Procedures].

There will be more options for the earlier stage of pregnancy and almost all pregnancies that are unplanned will end in termination of pregnancy.

Pregnancy termination is a common gynecological process that will be performed in medical clinics and is a safe procedure with less risk involved.

If you make a decision of abortion, then it will be helpful to have information on pregnancy termination and its procedures, its cost, etc. before you proceed with pregnancy termination.

In the first trimester, if you chose to have pregnancy termination then you have two options. One is medication abortion and the other is vacuum aspiration.Pregnancy Termination

In medication abortion, medicine will be used to abort your baby. It can be done during forty nine to sixty two days of your first trimester. It will be successful up to 95%.

You will be getting abortion pill called Mifeprex, which is a combination drug. The process will include up to four weeks. It will be much of a natural process. It does not require any invasive procedure or anesthesia.

Mifeprex is a combination of mifepristone and misoprostol. This drug is also called as RU486. Your health care professional will give you mifepristone in the clinic and then after 24-48 hours take misoprostol as per the directions of your doctor.

This drug will be given for pregnancy termination only after confirmation with ultrasound if your pregnancy is less than eight weeks.

In the surgical procedure (vacuum aspiration), cervix is dilated with a hand-held suction device to terminate the pregnancy.

It can be done throughout first trimester. It will be 99% successful. The process for vacuum aspiration will be three to five minutes. It requires invasive process and anesthesia.

You will be having some mild-to-moderate cramping during this procedure and you will be given pain medication during this procedure and also after the procedure. After the surgical abortion, bleeding continues for six to eight weeks.

The cost for pregnancy termination is completely dependent on the stage of your pregnancy.

It is the safe procedure and is safer than childbirth. There is less than 1% risk involved with abortion. The risks include infection, incomplete abortion, and perforation of uterine wall.

Some of the women can experience major complications after pregnancy termination, which include heavy bleeding and need curettage to stop the bleeding. Some women even need blood transfusion.

Research proved that there is no relation between the abortion and breast cancer. So, you need not worry about breast cancer with pregnancy termination. Discuss with your partner before taking the decision for pregnancy termination.

If you feel your decision is wise and there is no need to think about it again and if you have any questions with regard to this, consult your doctor and proceed as per instructions given by your doctor.


  1. I need advice, I am a virgin and my boyfriend ejaculated outside the walls of my virgina, i took drugs strongly adviced against taking if u are pregnant bcos i don’t want 2 get pregnant, and I read that this procedure can cause pregnancy. Meanwhile am having itching and burning in my virgina.


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