Know Everything about Rib Pain During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time when varied types of pains and aches can affect you. Back ache, pains in the legs and sides is common but a lot of women also experience rib pain especially during the third trimester.  The ribs start to feel swollen and can hurt a lot as the baby grows inside the womb.

While it is highly unpleasant, rib pain is pretty common and normal.  Many women who experience rib pain at the beginning of the third trimester can get a lot of relief as the baby starts to descend into the pelvis.  The only possible solution for easing this pain is birth of the baby but there are several other things that can be done to get a little relief.

rib pain during pregnancyThe following are the main solutions for rib pain during pregnancy:


Just improving the posture a little bit can ease rib pain by a great factor and is one of the possible solutions. To have a good posture, keep in mind that you must not sit with drooped shoulders or a slumped back and always put a few cushions or pillows behind you for support. Also, keep in mind that you must always keep your back as straight as possible.  The better the posture, especially the last trimester, the less will be the chances of excruciating rib pain.

Avoid Wearing Tight Clothes

Another way that can work well to reduce the rib pain during pregnancy is to avoid wearing very tight the body is changing; you might want to buy yourself loose and comfortable clothes. Wearing tight clothes can make the body feel trapped and may even increase the pain in the ribs.  It is important to invest in maternity clothes which can make you feel very comfortable and might reduce the pain as well.

Get a New Bra

Another way to avoid feeling the really bad rib pain or ache is to get a new bra. The first thing in the body that changes as a result of pregnancy are the breasts and it is important not to wear old and tight bras as they can cause the ribs to feel trapped.  You might need to wear an especially loose bra for the night time as you need to be the most comfortable while sleeping. It is important for you to first measure your bra size and then go to the market to buy a bra that fits you right.

Engage in Physical Activity

Another way to ensure that the rib pain doesn’t take a toll on you is to engage yourself in a little bit of physical activity. Don’t lie down or sit for long periods of time and make sure you do some mild exercises every day.  Moving around is helpful for easing pain and may help you stretch your body to reduce the feeling if discomfort.  Also, don’t stand for a long time and do not be involved in heavy exercises.


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