Leg Pain During Pregnancy

With so many changes taking place in a pregnant woman’s body, it is not unusual to feel a range of discomforts and pain.

Leg pain during pregnancy is fairly common and more so among women who need to stand during their jobs or for long periods at home.

With so many different hormones surging through the body and all that extra weight to carry, it is perfectly normal to feel pain and aches in different parts of the body.

The legs suffer the most, as they need to carry and support the increased weight all through the day.

Blood circulation issues

There is no particular reason as to why pregnant women experience leg pain. It can only be put down to the increased weight and improper circulation of blood during pregnancy. The quantity of blood in the body increases during the pregnancy and the heart is expected to circulate in a bigger area. Dilated veins too are no help.

This could lead to increased incidences of cramps and pain in the legs. Women, who need to stand for long periods, should take regular breaks to ease the strain on their legs. Wearing support socks can also provide comfort to the tired feet.

How to alleviate the pain

Increased calcium supplements may also help with leg pain when pregnant. Consult your doctor before starting on them. Eating bananas may help, as they contain potassium. Potassium works to ease cramps. Warm baths for the feet can help with the swelling and pain.

One can try massages or other such alternative practices to ease the discomfort, but there is really not much that can be done. If you decide to choose to do something radical that has been suggested by a friend or family member, do consult your medical adviser before you make the changes.


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