Lifting During Pregnancy

The women with normal pregnancies are allowed to have some light lifting during pregnancy. Nonetheless the pregnant women should make sure that they don’t do too much lifting especially if they are affected by pains and aches.

This is a matter that pregnant women should see their health care provider about, to find out information about their situations.


There are a lot of different kinds of lifting while being pregnant. Pregnant women often have to handle small children, groceries, lifting weights or moving boxes. In many cases everyday lifting is almost unavoidable.

Nonetheless women should be really cautious when performing activities of this kind. The women who have restrictions in this matter should avoid any kind of lifting, even if it seems natural to them.

The truth is that there is no general limit regarding pregnant women, but all of them should avoid heavy lifting. The women who used to lift weights before they got pregnant could continue their activities, but with lighter weights. The women who aren’t used to weights should be really careful.

Fitness and weight lifting

According to specialists, the women who are lifting weights for fitness should use weights half the weight that they used to before pregnancy. A lot of doctors say regarding pregnancy weight lifting that in case of free weights women should be really careful because they could lead to injuries if they are dropped.

Instead you should opt for resistance bands. During the second trimester women shouldn’t lift any weights while lying on their backs. This is because there could be too much pressure on the main blood vessels. In order to avoid all possibilities of injury, it is best to sit down while working out.

Before starting a workout routine, it is advisable to check with your health care provider to ensure you and your baby are safe.


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