Low Blood Pressure During Pregnancy

Low blood pressure during pregnancy, per se, has no harmful effects on the body. A woman suffering from low BP may experience dizziness and fainting. Fainting and falling is definitely an undesirable side effect of low blood pressure.

There are many causes of low blood pressure and most of them can be easily put right with the help of simple remedies. Extreme low blood pressures may be a cause of alarm and need immediate medical attention to avoid any harm.

Low Blood Pressure During Pregnancy


One of the main causes of pregnancy related low blood pressure is dehydration. A dehydrated body does not circulate blood properly leading to lowered blood pressure. Heat also leads to low blood pressure.

This could be because of high atmospheric temperatures or due to wearing excess clothes during hot days. It can also be caused by wrong body postures.

The pregnant body has extra blood to circulate and the veins dilate due to the body conditions causing low blood pressure. Standing for long periods of time can lead to low blood pressure as the blood collects in the feet.

Getting up suddenly when sitting or lying down can cause dizzy spells increasing the risk of falling. At such times the vision may also blur.

Measures to take

Low blood pressure rarely needs medical treatment and simple precautions and steps can help reduce the incidence of low blood pressure in pregnant women. Low BP caused due to dehydration can be easily dealt with, by drinking plenty of water. Avoid wearing too many clothes during hot days and stay cool.

Avoid standing for long durations to ease the blood flow. Stand up slowly to avoid dizzy spells. One may also follow a light exercise regime, recommended by the doctor, to help improve the blood circulation. A little care will go a long way to alleviate low blood pressure thus reducing the risks of any unwanted accidents.


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