Low Blood Sugar During Pregnancy

Having low blood sugar is a problem that could affect anyone, but in case of pregnant women the issue is more serious and it requires immediate medical attention.

The symptoms of low blood sugar during pregnancy include tiredness, dizziness, hunger, sweats, shakiness and blurry vision.

If the blood sugar level becomes very low, it could affect the judgment of women and their muscle function. In the most serious causes it could cause stroke, seizure and coma.

Causes and effects

The problem could be caused by long periods of time between meals, having too much insulin or exercising too much. If the low blood sugar while being pregnant lasts for short periods of time, it doesn’t represent any danger for the mother or the baby.

However if the situation gets more severe and the problem lasts for longer periods of time it could lead to seizure, fainting, breathing problems or coma.

These could have long-term side effects for the mother and the baby. The problem could be avoided if the blood sugar level of the mother is carefully monitored. Also it is important take measures in case the symptoms of the condition appear.

What can you do?

If you think that you see the symptoms of pregnancy low blood sugar, you should drink a glass of juice or milk. It is also useful to have some food rich in sugar to bring the blood sugar level back to the normal levels.

The truth regarding the condition is that the women who have gestational diabetes or diabetes are more likely to be affected by the problem during their pregnancy. If this is your case you should take some safety measures and monitor your blood sugar level at all times. There is no need to panic, but you should take more care of yourself in this case.


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