Menstrual Cramps During Pregnancy

Numerous changes take place in the body of a woman during pregnancy. As a result she could be faced with cramps in the back, abdomen and legs that are something like the cramps experienced during the period.

In the majority of the case there is no need for treatment in case of menstrual cramps during pregnancy. Nonetheless if the cramps get serious, you should talk to your doctor about them.

Stretching uterus and implantation cramping

In order to make room for the baby the uterus needs to stretch and expand. This way the little one will have enough space to grow. To allow the uterus to expand, the ligaments around it need to expand as well and this could lead to mild abdominal cramping.

This is what women believe to be menstrual cramps while being pregnant. In the majority of the cases these appear during the second trimester and they are absolutely normal.

When it comes to implantation cramping you should know that implantation takes place about a week after ovulation. This pain is also similar to the pain that you could experience during your menstrual period. The pain is caused by implantation itself.

Other causes

One of the serious conditions that could cause cramping of this kind is ectopic pregnancy. Usually it leads to pregnancy menstrual cramps and pain in the abdomen. In the same time women could also see some spotting or bleeding.

If you see any of these symptoms, you should seek medical help immediately. Constipation and gas could also lead to pain of this kind. Because of problems of this kind it is also possible to be affected by pelvic cramps and backache.

Cramps can also be caused by a miscarriage that in the majority of the cases is accompanied by spotting and bleeding as well.


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