Metformin During Pregnancy

Metformin is prescribed to women with PCOS. It works towards creating a hormonal balance and aids in conception too.

Some women are prescribed metformin during pregnancy to deal with diabetes that may or may not be pregnancy related.

Opinions regarding whether metformin is safe for the unborn child differ in the medical community. To date there have been no adverse effects recorded.

Conception and metformin

Many women are already on metformin when they conceive. In such cases, the medicine is prescribed for treating PCOS. Chances are high that these women may not have conceived if they were not on regular metformin.

The doctors recommend that the women should continue taking the medicine to help maintain the hormone levels. In case of discontinuing the medicine, the hormone levels may fall causing miscarriage.

It is recommended that the women take metformin for a few months during the pregnancy. The treatment helps reducing the chances of a miscarriage in the first trimester, in women diagnosed with PCOS.

Diabetes and metformin

Diabetic women need to take extra precautions during their pregnancy. It is important to keep the diabetes under control to avoid harmful effects on the unborn child. Many doctors recommend metformin instead of insulin during pregnancy.

They are of opinion that the adverse effects (if any) of metformin are far less when compared to insulin. Some women may develop gestational diabetes, which disappears with childbirth, but needs the same attention.

Again, metformin is the drug of choice, as most doctors believe that taking metformin during pregnancies does not have adverse effects on the baby and in many cases proves to be beneficial.

It is proven that insulin does not cross the placenta. This makes it the ultimate choice for doctors treating pregnant diabetic women. Insulin v/s metformin is purely a judgment call that the doctors need to take when treating pregnant women.


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