Miralax During Pregnancy

If you are thinking about taking Miralax during pregnancy you should remember that this is a kind of medication, and just as in case of any other medication you should discuss the matter with your health care provider first.

This is especially important if you experience vomiting, nausea, pain or swelling in the abdomen because these could be signs of bowel obstruction.

You should also address your concerns to your doctor if you have a history of bowel obstruction, irritable bowel syndrome, some kind of kidney disease, like kidney failure or some kinds of allergies.

Avoid medication interactions

In case you would like to take Miralax while being pregnant you should also tell your doctor if you are taking some other kinds of medications.

If you are using this laxative, there are some precautions and warnings that you should think about. If you have a blockage of the intestines, you would better not use the medication.

You should tell your doctor if you experience any side effects of the laxative, such as vomiting, nausea, abdominal cramping or swelling. This medication isn’t addictive, but it shouldn’t be used for longer periods of time.

Things to consider

Taking Miralax when being pregnant for too long could have some kind of addiction that results in an imbalance of the body salts. The best thing you could do is not to take the medication for more than 7 days.

While in the majority of the cases people aren’t allergic to the medication, there were some rare cases when allergy was reported.

If you notice a skin rash or hives while using the laxative, you should discontinue its use and address your concerns to your health care provider. Remember that it may take four days for the laxative to have effect and to produce a bowel movement.


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