More Women Suffering from High Risk Pregnancy

Latest research on high risk pregnancy has revealed that the number of women with this condition is on the rise with reasons as varied as older and heavier women and larger families being foremost. The study was conducted by doctors at the Greenwich Hospital.

More Women Suffering from High Risk Pregnancy

Reasons for Increase in High Risk Pregnancy Cases



The following are some of the highly pronounced reasons for increase in the number of high risk pregnancy cases in the country.

1.  Many of the first time mothers are in their late thirties or early forties making it stressful on the reproductive system that is slowly on the waning side of the cycle.

2. Many of the mothers are looking at larger families these days. So the mother is bearing her third or fourth off spring even in her late forties.

3. Health complications such as high BP, lupus and diabetes are some of the underlying causes for high risk pregnancy, and with these lifestyle diseases on the rise, high-risk pregnancies are increasing too.

4. Miscarriages and multiple fetuses due to IVF treatments is another main reason.

Perinatologists and High Risk Pregnancy

Perinatologists are specialized medical professionals who help women with high risk pregnancy even before she gets pregnant. They monitor the mother and the baby throughout the pregnancy and prepare for a successful delivery schedule. One of the main things that the Perinatologists do is to work on the anxiety levels of the patients. Their ultimate goal is to help the women give birth to a healthy baby despite all the challenges that is associated with high risk pregnancy. Dr. Annette Bond and her colleagues at the hospital help women understand the risks and overcome them with a calm mind.


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