Mother’s Pregnancy Stress Related To Baby Asthma And Allergies

For some women pregnancy can include money worries, relationship problems and other unwelcome factors.

In a study carried out at the University of London it has been found that these mothers to be will be more likely to have babies that are prone to asthma and other allergic reactions.

This research has been backed up by different group of scientists working from the Harvard Medical School under Dr. Rosalind Wright. It was discovered that immunoglobulin E levels were much greater in offspring of women experiencing extra stress during gestation.pregnancy smoking1

Animal studies had already indicated a link so the Boston team wanted to see if it was a similar case in human beings. It turns out that stress levels, irrelevant of smoking during pregnancy or social class, has a big effect on the development of a baby’s immune system.

The London research looked at pregnant mothers stress levels and recognized that it is as much of a trigger to allergies and asthma in children later in life as actual exposure to dust. Children who had been abused were found to have abnormal blood inflammation decades after their experiences.

Whilst it is known that a mother’s balanced diet and regular exercise are a way of ensuring that infants and children develop a healthy system of immunity, it is now obvious there are other factors to be considered.

It will never be possible to avoid people getting these levels of stress because for no other reason than that, often situations like these are kept behind closed doors. However at least those at risk individuals can be monitored and treated as required.


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