Natural Remedies for Gas During Pregnancy

It is natural for a pregnant woman to experience gas and bloating. Infact that amount of it made inside the body of a pregnant woman is more than normal people or non-pregnant women. The reason behind this is because pregnant ladies have higher levels of progesterone, which is a hormone that helps in the relaxation of smooth muscle tissues in the body. This process of relaxation slows the digestion and leads to gas.

Natural Remedies for Gas During Pregnancy

Infact this can increase in the later stages of pregnancy and may also lead to heartburn or constipation. Since pregnant women cannot take medicines thus natural remedies for various problems should be considered and in the below part of the article various natural remedies for gas during pregnancy are mentioned:

  • The first natural way to check gas during pregnancy is to control what you eat.  You must find out which are the foods that can cause excessive gas and try to avoid them.  For this, you can try to avoid or reduce artificial sweeteners as they tend to produce gas.
  • In order to reduce the gas produced in your body during pregnancy, you can add a lot of fiber to your diet. This can help in keeping the bowel movements regular and will also help in decreasing the amount of gas related pain and discomfort that you might experience. But remember that you can overdo the fiber content.
  • Try to eat your food slowly, properly chewing every bite. When a person eats fast, he/she is not only swallowing the food but also swallowing a lot of air which can result in the gas issue.
  • Getting some exercise may be another way for a pregnant woman to avoid the problem of gas.  For this, you can follow a few ways like taking a walk after dinner, trying to sit in different positions, wearing loose clothes and doing light exercises.
  • Another natural way to reduce gas is by not taking 3 full meals during a day but rather having 5-7 small meals.
  • While having water, try to sip water rather than gulping it down as this may be another reason for excessive gas formation.
  • A natural remedy which can be tried at home to reduce gas by a pregnant woman is soaking a handful of fenugreek seeds in a glass of water overnight and drinking the water in the morning after discarding the seeds.


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