Natural Treatment for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Fetal alcohol syndrome is very harmful after effect of consumption of alcohol by a woman during pregnancy. In this syndrome, consumption of alcohol by pregnant women may lead to many kinds of disorders or side effects in the unborn baby. This syndrome may cause several congenital defects such as mental retardation, genitourinary malformation, coordination issues and heart problems etc.

There are fewer cases of severe fetal alcohol syndrome but even in the mild cases, the baby is born with atleast one or two abnormalities. There are hardly any ways to treat fetal alcohol syndrome, but there are some natural ways to prevent this disorder from taking place. You can go through the following article to know natural treatment for fetal alcohol syndrome:

Natural Treatment for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

  • It is best for pregnant women not to consume alcohol at all during their nine months. This is thus the best way to prevent this disorder from taking place and also a good way to avoid various other kinds of complications.
  • Infact even if a woman is attempting to get pregnant, she must stay away from alcohol so as to avoid the chances of the baby being born with the fetal alcohol syndrome.
  • A natural method to reverse the effects of fetal alcohol syndrome is by the consumption of a form of vitamin B3 which is known as Nicotinamide.

Side Effects/Harmful Effects of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome:

  • The nervous system and the brain are the organs of the baby which have to face the major brunt of alcohol consumption by the mother during pregnancy. Mental retardation, learning problems, hyperactivity, seizures, and memory problems are some of the side effects of FAS.
  • Some other common problems which are caused due to FAS include poor judgement, impulsiveness, delayed development of gross motor skills, distractibility and delayed development of fine motor skills such as grasping objects with thumb and index finger etc.
  • There are many obvious side effects of FAS on the facial characteristics of the infant as well. Some of these include small eyes with dropping upper lids, flattened cheeks, small jaw, thin upper lip, short nose or an upturned nose and flattened groove in middle or the upper part of the lip.

In order to avoid these harmful effects and avoid giving a child an abnormal life full of difficulties, it is best for pregnant ladies not to consume any alcohol at all.


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