Nightmares During Pregnancy

A lot of women observe that they have more nightmares during pregnancy than they had before. In the same time these are more colorful and more vivid, not to mention that women can remember them better. Usually these dreams are the results of the joys and worries that mothers have. Naturally the hormones also have a role to play in this matter. Sometimes women see in their dreams the gender of the baby or they dream about delivery. However in the majority of the cases the dreams aren’t this clear.

Worries and fears

One of the common themes when it comes to nightmares while being pregnant is harm coming to the mother or to a family member. Another common theme is losing the baby or having the feeling that you don’t have control over the situation. A lot of people say that these dreams represent the fears of women becoming parents. Others are of the opinion that the dreams have no meaning. Nonetheless they could be quite bothersome, but they have no reflection regarding what kind of parent you will be.

Scary and sex related nightmares

Some women are haunted by cheating spouses or ex-lovers. In the same time women often dream about steamy situations with people that they find attractive. In other cases women could be worried about their work. In this case they could dream of their boss doing crazy things. The truth is that sometimes it is difficult to laugh at these dreams that seem to be quite scary. The best thing you could do is to share them with another pregnant woman who understands you or someone else who won’t laugh at you. If you have someone to discuss your fears with, it will make it easier not to be afraid of your own pregnancy nightmares. All you have to do is to talk about them.


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