Normal Blood Pressure During Pregnancy

A lot of women are worried about normal blood pressure during pregnancy. In many cases pregnant women are affected by high blood pressure.

Although usually these women give birth to totally healthy children, high blood pressure could turn out to be a serious problem.

The truth is that the mothers who have problems with high blood pressure even before they get pregnant are more likely to be affected by complications while being pregnant than the women with normal blood pressure.

It is also possible for women to develop high BP during pregnancy.


If you are interested in normal blood pressure while being pregnant you should know that it is considered to be normal for the blood pressure to be of 120/80. Nonetheless 140/100 is also considered to be acceptable and you should be worried if your blood pressure is higher than that.

Preeclampsia is a health condition that usually appears after the 20th pregnancy week. The symptoms of the condition include high BP and protein in the urine.

The condition affects the liver, kidney and brain of the mother, as well as the placenta. In case preeclampsia also causes seizures, the condition becomes eclampsia.

How common is the problem?

About 6%-8% of all pregnant women are affected by preeclampsia. In 70% of the cases the problem affects women who have their first pregnancy. The frequency of the majority of the other problems associated with pregnancy didn’t change over the past period.

On the other hand the frequency of preeclampsia increased by about 30%. This problem of normal blood pressure when being pregnant is caused by the fact that women are older when they give birth and because of multiple births.

If you see any signs of high blood pressure, you should make sure to talk to your health care provider.



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