Nosebleeds During Pregnancy Stages

In case you are thinking about the nosebleeds during pregnancy stages you should know that nosebleeds tend to occur more often during pregnancy. As one of the effects of pregnancy, the blood vessels in the nose expand and the blood supply will increase to the membranes.

Nosebleeds During Pregnancy Stages


The good news about these nosebleeds is that they are harmless. They are most likely to appear when women have a sinus infection, a cold or allergies.

The membranes of the nose drying out can also result in a nosebleed. This usually happens in cold weather, airline cabins and air conditioned rooms.

How can you stop the nosebleeds of the pregnancy stages?

If you experience nosebleeds, you should lift your head higher than your heart. Put pressure on your nostril for five minutes. It is best to look at the watch because it might be longer than you may think. Simply pinch the nostrils. Don’t stop applying the pressure, not even if you are curious whether the bleeding stopped.


Another solution to the nosebleeds during pregnancy stages is to use ice. This is because ice can constrict the blood vessels. Place a bag of frozen peas over your face with the hand that you’re not pinching your nose with. Make sure that you don’t tilt your head back: this could result in you swallowing blood.

It is possible for the pregnancy stages nosebleeds not to stop after 10 minutes. In this case you should apply pressure and the ice pack for another 10 minutes unless you’re not bleeding heavily. In case the bleeding lasts for more than 20 minutes, you should call your doctor.

Avoid the nosebleeds

In order to avoid the problem you should drink plenty of fluids so that the mucus membranes won’t dry out. If you have to blow your nose, make sure that you are gentile. If you are blowing your nose aggressively, you could cause a nosebleed.

The nosebleeds when being pregnant can also be caused by sneezing if you don’t keep your mouth open. In order to protect your nose, you should avoid spending time in dry air. It is a good idea to have a humidifier in your home and make sure that your house isn’t overheated.

The nosebleeds during pregnancy stages aren’t something to be scared of, but it is a problem that you should address immediately.


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