Omega 3 During Pregnancy

The researchers are constantly studying the nutritional needs of pregnant women. Among the latest developments, we can find the importance of omega 3 during pregnancy. The truth is that this is important both in case of the mother and the baby. The nutrient has an important role to play in the visual and neurological development of the baby. However in many cases the diet of women lacks this nutrient.

Pregnancy and fatty acids

The deficiency of omega 3 while being pregnant comes from the fact that the baby also needs this nutrient and it takes it from the mother. The deficiency appears when the nervous system of the baby starts to develop. In the same time this nutrient is also used when producing breast milk. After each pregnancy women have a little less of this nutrient. The research conducted also shows that DHA and EPA have a role to play in the visual and cognitive development of the baby. It is interesting to know that if the mother has more omega 3, the baby has lower chances of having allergies.

Omega 3 benefits

Pregnant women should know that the nutrient has overall positive effects on the pregnancy. DHA and EPA can prevent preterm labor and childbirth, they can increase the birth weight and they can lower the risks of the mother being affected by preeclampsia. If the mother doesn’t have enough omega 3 when being pregnant, she has higher chances of being affected by depression. This may be a reason for which the majority of women suffer from postpartum depression after the second or third pregnancy. The sad truth is that the majority of women don’t have enough information about the importance of this nutrient. This is why they don’t think that it is so important and they neglect the omega 3 intake.


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