Omeprazole During Pregnancy

If you are taking Omeprazole and you get pregnant you should make sure to let your doctor know. This is because there are some serious questions raised regarding taking Omeprazole during pregnancy.

The According to FDA category system, the medication is a category C one. This is because the animal studies showed some negative effects of the medication on the development of the fetus.

Nonetheless the medication could be given to pregnant women if their doctor believes that the benefits outweigh the risks.

The truth revealed by research

The truth is that there are few studies regarding taking Omeprazole while being pregnant. According to one of the studies that were conducted, the medication cannot cross the placenta.

This is proved by the fact that there was no medication found in the organism of the babies upon birth. In the same time it looks like the medication didn’t have any negative effects on the baby.

Still there are a lot of women who get scared by the category that the medication received by the FDA and they prefer to choose another alternative that seems to be safer.


If you are past taking Omeprazole when being pregnant you may be interested in the effects of the medication on breastfeeding and breast milk. The truth is that there is no data available whether the medication can reach the breast milk or not.

There were some cases reported in which women who took the medication during their pregnancy had babies with congenital defects.

According to the manufacturer it is best to discontinue the use of the medication when breast feeding because of the possible negative effects. Still the importance of the drug to the mother should be taken into consideration.



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