Ovarian Cysts And Pregnancy – What You Should Know

Though it is natural to be concerned about undergoing pregnancy when being diagnosed with ovarian cysts, the fact is that in a lot of cases this may not be cause for concern. Since a large proportion of ovarian cysts are benign, they may not be of much consequence to a woman during pregnancy.

An ultrasound will often be able to reveal the benignity or malignancy; the latter kind of ovarian cyst being cause for concern. Also it is important to monitor the size of an ovarian cyst during pregnancy, since if it gets to a dangerously large size there is the fear of rupture which is hazardous. This could result in preterm labor or even a miscarriage.

pregnant ladyAn ovarian cyst that requires surgery during pregnancy may even be a possibility; however it is best to avoid any kind of surgery during pregnancy as far as possible.

Laparoscopy is another option for this problem during pregnancy.

However, if surgery is indicated it is best to carry it out before getting pregnant. Try and seek out holistic cures and root out the real cause.

So for the most part, ovarian cysts do not present a big threat during pregnancy.  It is however necessary to monitor and track progress very closely throughout pregnancy.


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