Ovarian Cysts and Pregnancy – How to Handle the Combination

There is one problem that a lot of pregnant women think about: ovarian cysts and pregnancy. In many cases women find out during their pregnancy that they have a cyst.

In the majority of the cases the cysts disappear on their own since they are sacs filled with fluid, but if we are talking about a large cyst, it is quite unlikely that this will happen.

Information about ovarian cysts during pregnancy

Cysts during this period aren’t as uncommon as you may think. Even more, they affect about 0.1% of all pregnant women. Usually the cysts found are benign and the chances of being affected by ovarian cancer are only of about 1 in 25,000 pregnancies.

Ovarian Cysts and PregnancyIn order to determine whether the ovarian cysts during pregnancy are benign or cancerous it is best to use the ultrasound.

Nonetheless not even this piece of equipment is 100% accurate. If the test shows that the cyst is only filled with fluid and there are no thick walls or septation, most probably it is benign.


The biggest danger regarding the ovarian cysts and pregnancy is that, even if they are benign, they could tear or rupture.

All scenarios involve pain in case of the mother and it is also possible to be faced with a miscarriage or preterm labor and childbirth. If you have a large cyst, this needs to be removed surgically.

The ovarian cysts during pregnancy can be removed through surgery only in case they do not increase in size dramatically in a short period of time. In case of pregnancy, the best time to have a procedure of this kind is during the second trimester, between weeks 14 and 16.

In some of the cases, the ovarian cysts and pregnancy can be handled by laparoscopy, but in case the cyst is very large, it needs a big and open incision. For instance, if your cyst is of 15 cm it is considered to be quite large and the chances of complications such as rupture are quite high.

In case you have the ovarian cysts during pregnancy for more than two weeks, it is important for you to talk to your doctor. It is possible that the doctor waited until now if you are still in your first trimester, waiting for you to get into your second trimester, beyond the 13th week of pregnancy.

Even if you have to be thinking about ovarian cysts and pregnancy, it is very likely that the cyst can be normally removed and the patients can have a normal delivery, bringing to the world healthy babies.

When it comes to the treatment of ovarian cysts during pregnancy, it all depends on the kind of cyst that you are dealing with, its location and also its size. In order to have accurate information, it is best to discuss the matter with your doctor.

As you can see, there is a lot to know about ovarian cysts and pregnancy and you shouldn’t think that this is the end of the world.


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