PCOS and Pregnancy – What to Expect?

The truth regarding PCOS and pregnancy is that women who are affected by the condition find it a lot more difficult to get pregnant than their counterparts that don’t have the condition. This is caused by the fact that the ovaries of the affected women don’t function as they should because of the cysts.

Information about pregnancy and PCOS

The condition affects all aspects of women’s fertility. One of the greatest risks that women in this case have to face is the risk of having a miscarriage. According to the statistical data about 45% of the women with PCOS have a miscarriage. The doctors aren’t really sure of why this happens.

PCOS and PregnancyIn theory PCOS during pregnancy decreases the quality of the eggs and this is why the miscarriage appears. In the same time it is also possible that the fluctuating hormonal levels and the elevated insulin levels also have a word to say.


It is also known regarding polycystic ovary syndrome and pregnancy that the affected women have higher chances of being affected by diabetes. As a result they have higher chances of being affected by gestational diabetes during their pregnancy. Sadly the condition could also affect the health of the baby.

If a woman has PCOS when being pregnant and she is affected by gestational diabetes needs to be monitored closely to make sure that the baby won’t become insulin resistant. The weight of the baby is also a concern, because women with gestational diabetes tend to have big babies.


When it comes to PCOS while being pregnant the doctors usually warn women to make sure that they don’t gain too much weight during their pregnancy. This is because the more weight women gain, the worse the symptoms of PCOS will get after they give birth.

In order to make sure that you won’t have problems with polycystic ovary syndrome and pregnancy you should consider taking birth control pills after your pregnancy until you get rid of the baby weight. After this it will be safe for you to get pregnant again.


In the majority of the cases being affected by polycystic ovary syndrome during pregnancy doesn’t mean that women can’t have a healthy baby. Women have to be closely monitored, but they will have the same experience as any other woman if the baby isn’t too large.

If you develop gestational diabetes along with polycystic ovary syndrome when being pregnant the baby will also be checked to make sure that he or she is healthy. Besides this you will have the same experience as women without PCOS. The women with the condition find it easier to get pregnant the second time.

Now you know a lot more about polycystic ovary syndrome and pregnancy. Although this is a condition that needs to be monitored, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a healthy and happy baby. You just have to remember to take good care of yourself and to attend all your doctor’s appointments to make sure that everything is alright.


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