Peanut Butter During Pregnancy

There are a lot of myths regarding having peanut butter during pregnancy. Some of the people think that if a woman has peanut butter during her pregnancy, the baby will have peanut allergies.

The truth is that there is no reason for this to happen. Usually the babies have allergies if their mother has them as well. Nonetheless it isn’t a must for the baby to have allergies even if you or any close relative have them.

The good , the bad and the possibility

When it comes to allergies and eating peanut butter while being pregnant, you should think about the fact that this kind of food is high in proteins. It is also good to know that the babies actually inherit a tendency to be allergic.

At the moment there is no real evidence showing that if the baby is exposed to peanut butter in the womb, he or she will have allergies. Nonetheless in case you have some family history of allergies, you should be really careful when introducing peanut to the diet of the baby.

According to the studies that have been conducted, in the majority of the cases the women who have peanut butter during their pregnancy have entirely healthy babies without any allergies.

What do doctors say?

The literature mentions that the women who have peanuts more than once per week or who are exposed to peanuts during the third trimester have higher chances of delivering a baby with allergies.

Regardless whether you believe this or not, it is best to limit the peanut intake during pregnancy, just to be sure. Some of the doctors are of the opinion that it is alright for women to have peanut butter during pregnancy because of its nutritional values.

The foods that they should avoid are those that contain mercury, like fish. As you can see, you can have some peanut butter when being pregnant.


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