Pineapple During Pregnancy

Although there are a lot of good sides that pineapples have, having pineapple during pregnancy isn’t such a good idea. This is because it represents a risk for the baby inside the womb.

It is a known fact that pineapples are rich in minerals and vitamins and they can help with a sore throat.

However the pregnant women should be aware of the fact that the fruit increases the risks of having a miscarriage.


It is also good to know that in case you have this fruit during the early stages of pregnancy it could make the uterus contract. This is very dangerous for the baby. This is why you should avoid pineapples, as well as papaya. According to the common belief papaya will lead to similar contractions as pineapple.

It is known that papaya contains vitamin C and it makes heartburn and constipation better. Nonetheless it is dangerous to have it during the last trimester. If you are thinking about eating pineapple while being pregnant you should know that the health benefits in this case aren’t that important.

The fruit could make the cervix soften also leading to diarrhea. Still, some women ate the fruit and delivered completely healthy babies on term.


Some of the gynecologists claim that the health benefits of the fruit can be used as the due date draws nearer. This is because the agents contained by pineapples help to induce labor.

If you think that you can’t resist eating pineapple when being pregnant the best thing you could do is to talk to your health care provider first. He or she will be able to tell you whether you are allowed to indulge or not. Most probably you won’t be allowed to have any, but you have to consider that it is for the best.


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