Test To Predict Pregnancy Complication

Preeclampsia or gestational high blood pressure can be a serious condition that may be dangerous during pregnancy. Now a recently developed test could detect which women are most prone to preeclampsia in late pregnancy, even before the symptoms actually manifest themselves.

pregnancy complicationThe test involves metabolic profiling, which will be able to detect metabolites in the blood plasma that will be able to predict preeclampsia risk. This scientific research was published in the October issue of medical journal Hypertension.

While there is more research and study needed on developing this test for use, it will be able to serve as an accurate guide to the risk that pregnant women have for developing preeclampsia during their pregnancy.

Preeclampsia usually manifests itself at 32 weeks gestation, and if it appears at about 20 weeks[20 weeks pregnant], it is known as early onset preeclampsia. This is among the most dangerous of pregnancy complications that could negatively affect the mother as well as the baby.

Though potentially fatal, preeclampsia is more dangerous because it could often be asymptomatic. For this reason, routine blood pressure checks are vitally important to be carried out on every routine ante natal visit that a pregnant woman makes to her health care provider.


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