Pregnancy Contractions – From False Alarm to Labor

In case you are interested in pregnancy contractions you should know that there are two kinds of contractions, the Braxton Hicks contractions, also known as false contractions and the real or labor contractions that prepare your body for childbirth.

Pregnancy Contractions

Causes of the contractions in pregnancy

In case of the Braxton Hicks contractions, these thin and soften the cervix. Usually the contractions increase as the due date comes closer. During a contraction it is possible that you will feel a tightening of the uterus’ muscles and you could experience a squeezing feeling in the groin and lower abdomen.

In some cases the maternity contractions are barely noticeable and they could be painless with only a slight feeling of tightening. In other cases the contractions can be painful and strong. The contractions of this kind are unpredictable and they usually appear in the afternoon or the evening.

The labor pregnancy contractions mark the beginning of childbirth. These appear at regular intervals and they can be felt between the lower abdomen and the back. The contractions appear closer to each other and stronger as birth draws closer. Sometimes there are no advance signs that mark the beginning of the contractions.

The truth regarding contractions of maternity is that the specialists don’t really know what causes the labor contractions. You may know that the contractions will start if you feel that the baby is settled lower in the uterus. This happens a few hours or weeks before birth.

Along with the pregnancy contractions you could also notice clear vaginal discharge that could be slightly bloody. This appears a few days before birth. If you notice that your water breaks, which is a gush of fluid from the vagina, it may mean that your labor has started.

Preterm labor

If you happen to experience pregnant women’s contractions that are regular and painful before the 37th week of pregnancy, it may mean that you have preterm labor. A preterm labor happens once in 8 times. If this happens, the babies aren’t as well developed as their counterparts born at term.

If you experience the pregnancy contractions sooner than you should, the baby may need hospitalization and could be affected by long-term health issues. The sad truth is that in some cases the babies born prematurely die during their infancy. Preterm labor can happen to just anybody.

What could you do?

When it comes to the contractions of pregnant women, you should know that you could have contractions that don’t lead to any kinds of changes of the cervix. You could go to the hospital to find out what kind of contractions you have, and you shouldn’t feel bad about this. In some cases it is difficult to know which the real contractions are and which the false ones are.

Now you know more about the pregnancy contractions and you may understand that you don’t have to panic if you experience some kind of contractions because it is very likely that they aren’t the contractions that you were expecting.


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