Causes of Miscarriage – Facing the Facts

A miscarriage can be defined as the loss of pregnancy before the 20th week of pregnancy. This is the most common kind of pregnancy loss, and this is why women may want to know the causes of miscarriage. According to studies, about 10%-25% of all pregnancies end in a miscarriage.

Causes of Miscarriage

Miscarriage causes

The truth is that there are a lot of different causes of having a miscarriage and in many cases the specialists can’t even find the actual cause. It is believed that the most common cause is a chromosomal abnormality of the baby. Usually this is caused by a damaged sperm or egg.

It is also possible that we find the origins of the miscarriage in an abnormality that occurred during the period when the zygote went through the process of division. Some other causes include hormonal problems, health problems of the mother or infections during pregnancy.

We may find the miscarriage origins in the lifestyle of the mother. It is very important for women to remember not to smoke and not to use drugs during their pregnancy. Also they have to avoid high caffeine intake, malnutrition and being exposed to toxic substances or radiation.

When asking what causes miscarriages we also gave to think about maternal trauma and the age of the mother. There are also some factors that aren’t proven to lead to miscarriage. These include sex, moderate exercise and working outside the home if it is a safe surrounding.

Warning signs

If you are interested in the cause of miscarriage you should also know about the symptoms. It is important to remember to contact your doctor if you see any of the symptoms. You could experience severe or mild back pain that is worse than the menstrual cramps.

In the same time when thinking about the miscarriage cause also keep an eye out for weight loss, vaginal mucus that is white or pink, contractions (the real contractions appear once every 5-20 minutes), vaginal bleeding that is red or brown that can be accompanied by abdominal cramps.

Some other symptoms that you have to consider when it comes to the miscarriage source include passing tissue through the vagina and the sudden lack of the pregnancy signs. It is possible that you will experience all the symptoms, but one may also see only a few of them.


In case you are interested in the source of miscarriage you may also like to know about ways to prevent the problem. You should make sure that you have some regular exercise, a healthy diet, you must be able to do stress management, have a normal weight, take your daily folic acid supplements and avoid smoking. All these decrease the chances of having a miscarriage.

Now that you know what causes a miscarriage you will be able to avoid the majority of the risk factors, Naturally, when it comes to chromosomes there is nothing that you can do, so if you do have a miscarriage you have to remember that it’s not your fault.


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