More About Coping with Miscarriage

The truth is that coping with miscarriage is never easy.

A lot of women are wondering whether they will be happy ever again.

Although this is something that you might not get over completely ever, it will become manageable with time if you can recognize your feelings.

Coping with Miscarriage

Miscarriage coping after it happens

After a miscarriage it is normal to feel sad, but the fluctuating hormone levels could turn this sadness into depression. It is possible that the grief will feel simply unmanageable. In this case you should give yourself some time. The hormone levels will get back to normal in a couple of weeks.

The feelings that you may have when handling a miscarriage can range between sadness and anger. You might be angry at yourself or at the baby. Feeling depressed is also normal, especially if you were trying to get pregnant for a long time. Guilt is another normal feeling and you may ask whether the miscarriage was your fault.

If you are coping with miscarriage no matter what kind of feelings you have, you can be sure that they are normal. However you have to remember that what happened was not your fault. You might be tempted to review everything you did to find the mistake you made, but you should resist the temptation. Usually the miscarriages have nothing to do with what you did.

Daily life

When you are considering miscarriage handling, it is possible that you will feel like you see only pregnant women and babies, no matter where you go. Some women even feel jealous of other women for being pregnant. These feelings are normal, but knowing this most probably won’t make you feel any better.

Honor the baby

Coping with miscarriage isn’t easy, but you may honor the little one in a way that has a meaning for you. This could mean having a pendant or a statue with an angel. Other women prefer to plant a tree or to have a special garden in the memory of their lost baby.


It isn’t easy to talk to the people around you when you are managing a miscarriage. You may feel like nobody really understands you and in this case you should try keeping a diary. Write down everything that you feel and that you would like to share with someone.

Support group

In some cases when women are coping with miscarriage, it is helpful to be around people who are going through the same things as you are. Sometimes the hospitals offer the possibility of joining a support group of this kind. You might also think about finding a support group online.

Take some time off

If you are thinking about miscarriage management, most probably right after the miscarriage you don’t want to be around other people, so this may be the perfect moment to take some time off.

It is true that coping with miscarriage isn’t easy, but you have to remember that it is possible and you will get through it.


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