Early Miscarriage Symptoms at 6 Weeks

The women interested in the early miscarriage symptoms at 6 weeks should know that usually women don’t even know that they are pregnant at this point. Normally they think Early Miscarriage Symptoms at 6 Weeksthat their period is late for some other reason, so when they miscarry and they have regular periods they won’t get suspicious.

What to know?

It is a well-known fact that the majority of the miscarriage occur during the first trimester. These are inevitable miscarriages or spontaneous miscarriages and usually they are caused by chromosomal abnormalities of the fetus.

This means that there is nothing that the mother could have done to protect her pregnancy.

The common signs of early miscarriage at 6 weeks

If you have a miscarriage at this stage, the miscarriage can feel something like a period that is a bit heavier than normal. It is also possible to pass some smaller blood clots that are of 1-2 cm. Most probably women will also have some cramping, that feels just like menstruation cramping.

As you can see, in case of the early miscarriage symptoms at 6 weeks all signs point towards having a regular period. The miscarriages of this kind don’t really need any medical attention if the pregnancy isn’t more advanced than the woman thinks.

What to expect?

As it has been mentioned before regarding the early miscarriage signs at 6 weeks, most probably you will pass some blood clots, but it will be impossible for you to recognize the fetus. This is why women don’t think of such a miscarriage as a loss (there is no grief if they don’t know that they were pregnant).

Women just know

In case you spoke to other women regarding the early miscarriage symptoms at 6 weeks you may have heard that some of them simply knew that there was something wrong. A lot of women call their doctor saying that they are experiencing a miscarriage, but at 6 weeks their worries are often dismissed.

Even though you may think you recognize the early warning signs of miscarriage during the 6th week of pregnancy, keep in mind that at this stage there is nothing that you or anyone else could do. This is why it is better for women not to know that they are pregnant at this stage.

As you can see, there is not much to know about the early miscarriage symptoms at 6 weeks because women usually don’t recognize it.


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