Know All About Early Miscarriage Symptoms

According to the specialists, about 20% of all pregnant women experience the early miscarriage symptoms.

Usually the symptoms and the miscarriage are so early that the women don’t even know that they are pregnant when the miscarriage occurs. Nonetheless it is important to recognize the symptoms.

Information about the symptoms of early miscarriage

Miscarriage is also known as spontaneous abortion and usually it happens prior to the 10th week of pregnancy. While some women already know at this stage that they are pregnant, others find out only later. No matter what the situation is, the symptoms are still the same.

Early Miscarriage SymptomsBleeding

When thinking about the symptoms of early miscarriage you should consider bleeding. Although it is normal to have some implantation bleeding, this shouldn’t be more abundant than a menstrual period.

According to official information, about 20%-30% of women experience bleeding and only a half of them will have a normal pregnancy.

In case you are thinking about early miscarriage symptoms, keep in mind that the implantation bleeding could also be accompanied by abdominal cramping but the cervix remains closed at all times.

If the bleeding and cramping happen along with an open cervix, the chances of having a miscarriage are very high.

The symptoms of early miscarriage include bright red or brown blood that could or couldn’t be accompanied by cramping, heavy bleeding along with cramping, bright colored blood, heavy bleeding soaking more than a pad per hour, passing clots or tissue, sudden bleeding and gradually worsening bleeding.


Just as in the previous case of early miscarriage symptoms, this symptom could also be a normal one during implantation. During the pregnancy it is common to have cramping as the body changes to make place for the baby. Still there are some characteristics that indicate a miscarriage.

Some of the symptoms of early miscarriage include moderate or severe cramping that is worse than the usual menstrual cramping, the pain being located in the back, persistent pain, lasting more than a few moments and the pain being accompanied by bleeding.

Fluid and mucus

When it comes to early miscarriage symptoms, in case you are passing fluid or mucus through the vagina, it may be a sign that should alarm you. The solid tissue or white-pink mucus could turn out to be placental tissue. The specialists say that women should keep the tissue in airtight container and present it to their doctor.

In the same time, the symptoms of early miscarriage also involve a gush of fluid. If you experience any of the mentioned symptoms you should make sure to seek immediate medical help. Although it is possible that you have a miscarriage, the diagnosis at this stage isn’t certain.

Other early miscarriage symptoms

It is possible to experience some other symptoms as well. This is why it is important to pay attention to your body and to notice all the signs that it is sending to you. It is possible that you will notice sudden weight loss, sudden lack of pregnancy symptoms, or the lack of a heartbeat on the ultrasound.

In many cases, as one of the symptoms of early miscarriage women have the feeling that there is something wrong with their pregnancy. Usually they can’t explain this; we could say that they have a sixth sense when it comes to their unborn child.

As it has been mentioned before, it is possible for women to experience the early miscarriage symptoms even if they don’t know yet that they are pregnant. If you experience any of the symptoms, seek the help of a doctor to assess your state and make a diagnosis.


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