Learn How to Spot an Early Miscarriage

An early miscarriage refers to an early termination of a pregnancy, during the first trimester. Usually it is accompanied by vaginal bleeding and abdominal pain.

In many cases it takes place even before women know that they are pregnant. If you had a positive test, the chances of a miscarriage are of about 20%.

Options regarding miscarriage that is early

If the miscarriage terminates your pregnancy there is nothing left to do about it. However if it isn’t completed, you have several options regarding the course of actions you should take. You could let everything go naturally, or have a surgery or to take some pills.

Early MiscarriageGoing the natural way

When being faced with a miscarriage that is early, it is possible that the bleeding starts a little while after the miscarriage actually took place.

The same thing is true for the pain and cramps. Most probably you will experience heavier bleeding than normal and it could last for three weeks.

It is rare for the women to be taken to the hospital by emergency for early miscarriage. This happens if women experience heavy bleeding and severe pain.

If there is no bleeding it is possible that the miscarriage wasn’t completed.


The women who had a miscarriage that is early may need to take a tablet or to insert pessaries into the vagina. These make the cervix to open and so the pregnancy tissue will be able to pass. All this takes a few hours and women could experience heavier bleeding or cramping.

For pain management in case of an early miscarriage, the doctor may offer painkillers and the bleeding could continue for 3-4 weeks. If the tablet doesn’t work and the miscarriage isn’t completed, it is possible that the patient will need an operation to clean out the remaining tissues.

Such medical treatments are efficient in about 85% of the cases and there is no need for general anesthesia.

Most probably the patient will have to stay at the hospital for a few hours and then she is free to go home.


If the patient needs an operation, in case of an early miscarriage she will be under general anesthesia. Still it is also possible to work with local anesthesia. The appointment is made a few days before the procedure and it is efficient in 95% of the cases.

The women go through surgery in case of a miscarriage that is early if they have a heavy bleeding that doesn’t stop, if there is an infection or if other kinds of treatments didn’t have the desired results. During the procedure, the cervix is dilated and the tissue is removed through gentle suction.

Tablets or pessaries could be used in case of an early miscarriage. This way the cervix will become softer and it is easier to perform the procedure. The operation is known as the evacuation of the womb. It is somewhat like D&C. Although it is considered to be safe, there are also some risks associated.

The good news regarding the miscarriage that is early is that the complications occur very rarely. These include infection, heavy bleeding, and it is possible that the procedure will have to be repeated if not all the tissue can be removed. The perforation of the womb is also possible.

Having an early miscarriage isn’t a desirable event, but it doesn’t affect the fertility of women. Nonetheless there are some emotional effects that women will have to deal with once the procedure is done and the baby is gone.


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