How To Live With Your Emotions After You Have Had A Miscarriage?

Every type of pregnancy loss is different, both physically and emotionally.

You may have lost your baby during an earlier pregnancy  trimesters or you may have lost your baby right when your baby was about to born.

The hurt that you feel will depend on the hopes and dreams that you had for your pregnancy. It will depend upon how long you carried your baby and what movement you felt during your pregnancy.

Also it may depend upon if you have any other children or not. Losing a baby no matter in what stage of pregnancy is a terrible thing and you must try not to blame yourself for the loss.pregnancy loss

Depend Upon Your Partner and Family

The grief that you are feeling will not go away in just a day. You may feel a certain amount of grief wash over you for years to come when you think of your lost baby. Leaning on each other, is a good way to deal with all of your grief.

You do not need to go through this alone. Turn to your friends and family for support. The love and support of your family and friends will help you and your partner to deal with your grief.

Some of your friends and family may have gone through losing their own baby and they will really understand what you are going through.

Getting Professional Help

Sometimes when you lose a baby you may feel totally overwhelmed and cannot seem to return to daily life. Depression has probably taken over and you could feel lifeless. You may be feeling like you do not want to get out of bed.

Eating too much or losing too much weight is also signs that you are depressed. It feels like you never want to face people again and you may feel that nobody understands what you are going through.

Sitting in your baby nursery for hours is a huge sign that you are having trouble dealing emotionally. If any of these signs occur you will need to contact a professional counselor or other health professional that can help you deal with your depression.

Honor Your Baby

Even though your baby is no longer with you, they will be forever in your memories. You may want to name your baby whether you knew what sex the baby was or not. Naming your baby will help you to find closure.

Holding a special memorial service for the wonderful baby that you lost is another way to help you deal with your miscarriage.

Remember the day you lost your child as the day they were born with a ritual each year. To help yourself and to help others you may want to donate a gift to a baby that is living. All of these things will help you to cope with your loss.

Do not give up on having a baby [Pregnancy After Miscarriage]. Just because it was not meant for this baby to remain on earth with you does not mean that you cannot have another child.



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