Learn How to Prevent a Miscarriage

There is no woman who doesn’t ask herself how to prevent a miscarriage.

The first and most important thing that women have to think about is prenatal care. Find a doctor to treat you right after you find out that you are pregnant. He or she will recommend you prenatal vitamins.

How to Prevent a Miscarriage

Information about preventing a miscarriage

The prenatal vitamins are very important because they contain nutrients like iron and calcium and also folic acid. Folic acid is especially important at the beginning of the pregnancy when the neural tube of the baby is developing. Later this will become the spinal cord and the brain.

If you don’t have enough folic acid you might not be able to prevent a miscarriage or the baby could end up with birth defects. Specialists advise women to have at least 400 micrograms of folic acid per day. Prenatal vitamins and multivitamins have enough folic acid. You can’t get too much of it so you could also have a diet that is rich in folic acid.

Healthy diet and exercise

Between the visits to your doctor in order to avoid a miscarriage you should have an exercise regime and a healthy diet. This way you will be able to maintain your weight within normal limits and it will become easier to manage the stress levels. Usually the doctors suggest that women should start having a healthy lifestyle even before they get pregnant.

This means that you have to think ahead about miscarriages and avoiding them. It is a really good idea to start taking folic acid even before you get pregnant to make sure that the baby won’t have any birth defects. While there are some foods that you should have, there are also some other things that are best to be avoided.

Smoking related to having a miscarriage

When it comes to escaping miscarriages you should make sure that you don’t smoke and that you aren’t around smoke. This is because smoke can increase the chances of low birth weight and placental problems. Smoke also increases the chances of having a premature baby.

Nonetheless there are some good news regarding miscarriages and escaping them. If you are a smoker but you quit during the first trimester, your chances of complications return to the levels of women who don’t smoke. Some other things you should avoid include too much caffeine, dangerous physical activities and exposure to X-rays.

Having chronic health conditions

If you happen to have chronic health conditions in order not to have a miscarriage you should take extra care of themselves. In case you have high blood pressure you should monitor it and also discuss this matter with your doctor. The women with diabetes should regularly check their blood sugar levels and they should take insulin and other medications suggested by their doctors.

Having a healthy lifestyle is the answer to the question how to avoid miscarriage. Just do everything that is healthy and avoid everything else that could represent any threat to your health or the health of the baby.


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