Useful Tips on How to Prevent Miscarriage

You may be wondering how to prevent miscarriage in case you have had a miscarriage before or in case your doctor said that you have a high risk pregnancy.

Although nobody can guarantee a safe pregnancy, you need to know that there are some safety measures that you could take.

Healthy nutrition and preventing miscarriage

Make sure that you have a healthy diet and try to avoid fatty foods as much as possible. Include as many fruits and vegetables as you can. It is possible that you doctor will suggest a diet plan that comes with the right number of calories and has enough fiber.

How to Prevent MiscarriageHave plenty of water

When it comes to preventing miscarriage there are some sacrifices that you have to make, such as giving up caffeine or sugary beverages and opt for water instead.

In case your doctor agrees, you could have a cup of tea or coffee from time to time. Another thing that you will have to give up is alcohol.


In case you are wondering how to prevent miscarriage then you should take all the prenatal supplements that the doctor suggests for you to take.

Most probably they come with minerals and iron. It is also possible that you will have to take some other medication too. Make sure that you ask questions about them.


If your doctor agrees, you could take a walk of 30-40 minutes as a measure for preventing miscarriage on a daily basis.

It is good to spend some time outdoors, but make sure that you don’t get tanned and that you don’t get sunburn. It is best to go outside in the morning or in the evening.

No worries

If you are asking how to prevent miscarriage, the answer isn’t to get isolated from the rest of the world. You should make connections and express your feelings.

Also you could keep a diary. In case you are calm it is easier to cope with pregnancy, and tell your doctor if you feel stressed or depressed.

Educate yourself

In case of preventing miscarriage it is important to have as much information as possible. Learn about your body and what is and isn’t normal in this stage.

You could attend a childbirth class and there is a lot of information on the internet as well that you could use. Make sure that the information you find is written by professionals.

Rest and relax

Regarding how to prevent miscarriage the most important information that you will find is to have enough rest. You should be sleeping for 8 hours in the night, and also take a nap during the afternoon.

This is the most important during the first trimester. Understand your limits and don’t push yourself.

Slow down

Preventing miscarriage is easy if you understand that your body naturally slows down and so you should do the same thing.

You could ask your doctor about how to prevent miscarriage. Remember to be proactive, but in the same time also set some limits.


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