All you Need to Know about Fetus Papyraceous

Fetus papyraceous, which is also termed as vanishing twin or fetus resorption is a condition in which the fetus is dies in utero and then partially or completely reabsorbed by the twin. In many such cases, the dead fetus, rather than being completely reabsorbed will be compressed by its twin into a flattened state which is termed as fetus papyraceous. If you wish to know more about fetus papyraceous, then you can go through the following given information.

all you need to know about fetus papyraceous

  • In most of the cases when the fetus is complete reabsorbed, there are no major complications besides first trimester vaginal bleeding but in the case when the event occurs in the second or the third trimester, then some serious medical complications arise and some of them include premature labour, haemorrhage and infection which is caused due to the death of the fetus. Even at the end of such a pregnancy, a low lying fetus papyraceous may block the cervix and this can lead to the need for a caesarean for childbirth.
  • While in most cases, the reabsorbed twin may die, in some cases, he/she may be born with a chromosome abnormality incompatibility with life. Some of the reasons for death include poorly implanted placenta or a development abnormality leading to organ failure.


Let’s take a look at some of the most common complications that may arise as a result of fetus papyraceous


One of the most common complication associated with this condition is premature birth. The rates of preterm delivery are similar to IVF pregnancies and the average period if about 32 weeks.

Low Birth Weight

Another major complication that may arise as a result of fetus papyraceous is low birth weight of the singleton twin. There is a higher risk of growth restrictions. This also includes increased morbidity and mortality in the neonatal period and also a higher possibility of hospitalization in the neonatal intensive care unit.

Cerebral Palsy

This condition can also result in a more serious condition called cerebral palsy in the remaining twin. This may happen due to transfusion of thromboplastic proteins from the vanishing twin to the surviving twin which can lead to disseminated intravascular coagulation.

Associated Congenital Anomalies

Remaining twins also suffer the risk of suffering from congenital malfunctions like isolated hydrocephaly, microcephaly and cardiac abnormalities as well. These abnormalities are postulated to be due to part to perturbations in fetal flow in the surviving twin at the time of loss of the vanishing twins.

Cutis Aplasia

Another complication which can develop in those suffering from fetus papyraceous. The method of development of cutis aplasia is most likely vascular. It is known that there is a decreased perfusion to the affected area at the time of death of the vanished twin.

Maternal Complications

Some of the maternal complications include premature labour, consumptive coagulation, obstruction of labour and others. It is very important to be in regular touch of your doctors and to get all tests done to detect this condition as soon as possible.


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