Get Informed About Miscarriage Signs

Before talking about miscarriage signs you should know what miscarriage really is. It is also known as spontaneous abortion and it means the loss of the baby before the 20th week of pregnancy. It is said that this happens in about 20% of all pregnancies. Still it is possible that the actual number is higher.

Information on symptoms of miscarriage

About 80% of the miscarriages happen during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. About half of them are believed to be caused by the chromosomal abnormalities of the little one. Normally these aren’t inherited from the parents meaning that the parents don’t have similar chromosomal abnormalities.

Miscarriage SignsThe symptoms of miscarriage are caused by an error that happens randomly when the egg divides. In this case the baby wouldn’t have been able to survive. You could experience the miscarriage even weeks after the embryo died inside the uterus.

Another cause of the appearance of the miscarriage signs is the health of the mother. Such miscarriages usually happen at later stages of pregnancy. Health problems of this kind include chronic diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes, infection or problems with the immune system.

In the same time the symptoms of miscarriage could also be caused by the abnormalities of the uterus or cervix. Such abnormalities include cervical incompetence that means that the cervix dilates too early during pregnancy. A miscarriage like this takes place during the second trimester.

When thinking about the miscarriage signs, you should know that these aren’t caused by sex, lifting heavy objects, exercising or working. Nausea and vomiting don’t cause miscarriage either. In the same time, a fall, blow or sudden fright aren’t believed to cause miscarriages.

First symptoms of miscarriage

One of the first sings of the problem includes vaginal bleeding. About 25% of women have some bleeding during their pregnancy, and about half of these women will have a miscarriage. The bleeding marking the miscarriage could be heavy or scant and it could be accompanied by abdominal pain.

The miscarriage signs could also include pain in the lower back. Keep in mind that these symptoms may also be caused by other factors, but if they are serious and persisting in time, the best thing you could do is to contact your doctor.

Definite symptoms of miscarriage

It is believed that you have a miscarriage in case you have abdominal cramps that makes your breathing faster or makes your breathing huffy. Heavy bleeding is also considered to be a sign in case you soak a pad in a couple of hours. Passing tissue might be an alarming symptom too.

In case of this one of the miscarriage signs the tissue passed looks somewhat like larger blood clots or long strings. In the same time it could be grayish or pinkish material and this sign could be accompanied by cramps as well, but some women have no pain at all.

Possible symptoms of miscarriage

There are some signs that tell you that your miscarriage is pending. In this case it’s not certain that you are having a miscarriage, and the best thing for you is to be monitored closely to see what happens.


As it has been mentioned before, this may be one of the miscarriage signs. If it starts and stops, then starts and stops again it means that the hormone levels are fluctuating. Although you may feel fine, you should have your hCG levels monitored. Heavy bleeding means that the process has started.


Random cramping may not be one of the symptoms of miscarriage. This becomes a problem in case it causes a dramatic change in your breathing and it gets accompanied by bleeding. This is something that shouldn’t happen during a normal pregnancy.

Positive and then negative pregnancy test

This isn’t really one of the miscarriage signs, but it could mean that you have an ectopic pregnancy. It is also possible to observe some spotting. In case you have a pregnancy test with a positive result, and you have another one after a few days and it is negative, you should seek medical help immediately.

It may not be one of the symptoms of miscarriage if you repeat the test on the same day. It is possible that the hormone levels aren’t elevated enough to maintain the positive result of the test. In this case you should repeat the test the following day, just to make sure of the result.


In case you are experiencing symptoms of this kind, it is possible that your miscarriage is still pending. It is also possible that on some days you won’t feel pregnant; there will be no nausea and the breasts may not feel that swollen either.

You may see that there a lot of different miscarriage signs and you have to keep an eye out for them.


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