What are the Reasons Behind Misdiagnosed Miscarriage?

When a woman gets pregnant, various complications may take place in the early period of pregnancy like ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage. A woman diagnosed with miscarriage may not always miscarry. Though miscarriage during pregnancy is a common phenomenon but in majority of cases it is misdiagnosed.

So, if the miscarriage is not natural, you should be certain about the fact before the physician end the pregnancy. Both woman and the doctor should be confident about proper diagnoses, because the steps taken for terminating pregnancy may cause serious harm for normal pregnancy.

reasons behind misdiagnosed miscarriage

Here are few common reasons for misdiagnosed miscarriage:

Tilted Uterus

This is the most common reason for misdiagnosed miscarriage. As per research, tilted uterus is very common and 1 in 3 women have tilted uterus. If you have an early ultrasound there is every possibility for being misdiagnosed. Rather than focusing on the number of weeks a doctor needs to concentrate on the size of the gestational sac. If the sac is growing normally without any complication, you should wait until the measurement of the gestational sac is 25mm. Wait for a week after that and then verify.

Vacant Looking Gestational Sac with High HCG Levels

The ultrasound guidelines that were used in older days were not that perfect. If the measurement of the gestational sac is not yet 25mm and is growing, it is very early to indicate a blighted ovum. If you are not facing any kind of complications just wait for some time until the measurement of the gestational sac becomes 25mm. Take a week time after that and then go for verification.

Diagnosed in Emergency Room

You should understand that ER doctors are not specialized in each and every medical fields. If you are diagnosed with miscarriage in ER and you don’t need surgery immediately it is suggested that you must visit your OB-GYN.

Gestational Sac Showing One to Two Weeks Behind

The ultrasound equipment is not always accurate. It is seen that same woman having two ultrasounds on the very same day can come up with two different results showing different measurements. It is likely to happen if you have a tilted uterus or if you do not have tipped uterus. Therefore, if the measurement of the gestational sac as shown in ultra sound is one or two weeks behind, it does not always true that it is correct and you should not be concerned as there is negligible chance for miscarriage.

Unexplained Bleeding

As per research, majority of women notice spot or bleed at the time of pregnancy. Often they are not alarming and may not be the cause for miscarriage. Sometimes it happens due to ultrasounds, bowel movements, or sex. But in case you are facing abdominal, neck, shoulder or chest pain, if you are passing large clots and have infection in the urinary track you must see doctor immediately.

In case the doctor diagnosed miscarriage take few steps for re-assurance like:

  • Wait for natural miscarriage.
  • Go for another ultra sound on a different machine.
  • Take second opinion from another doctor.

If one take precautions in miscarriage diagnosis it may prevent the very tragic misdiagnosed miscarriage in some cases.


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