What Are the Missed Miscarriage Symptoms?

When thinking about the missed miscarriage symptoms you should know that a missed miscarriage refers to the situation when the baby dies inside the womb of the woman, but the cervix stays closed and the fetal tissue stays inside the uterus.

This is usually discovered days or weeks after the baby died.

Symptoms of a missed miscarriage

If a woman has a missed miscarriage the baby doesn’t continue to grow and the size of the uterus doesn’t increase either. The signs of pregnancy might disappear but women could still feel pregnant because the placenta continues to release the pregnancy hormones.

In the majority of the cases the signs of a missed miscarriage aren’t obvious. Women continue to think that they are pregnant because their body simply doesn’t react to the death of the baby. They are under the impression that the pregnancy progresses because they have no reason to think otherwise.

Alarming signs

After a while the missed miscarriage warning signs become more obvious. Women may observe a brownish discharge from the vagina that is caused by the degeneration of the fetal tissue. It is possible that women have an ultrasound before this happens and the specialist notices that the baby is smaller than he or she is supposed to be based on the gestational age.

Missed Miscarriage Symptoms

Most probably the specialist will also notice that the baby’s heart isn’t beating, this being the most obvious warning sign of a missed miscarriage. The first sign might be a bright red vaginal discharge. This could also be accompanied by cramping that is something like the menstrual cramps.


Further information on the missed miscarriage warning

If you are looking for the evidence of a missed miscarriage you should know that if the fetus dies, it will shrink with the same rate as the growth rate. This means that if the fetus dies at 12 weeks and if the problem is found at 14 weeks, the baby will look just like during the 10th week. This is why the specialist can tell you when the baby died.


After you find the missed miscarriage evidence you will have to decide whether you would like to wait to have a natural miscarriage or you want to have an operation for the fetal tissue to leave the uterus. The decision usually depends on whether you experience heavy bleeding or not.

If you noticed brownish discharge, as a warning of a missed miscarriage you will also see some bright red discharge. This means that later you will have a natural miscarriage. This process may take days or even weeks. In the majority of the cases the doctors recommend women to have an operation shortly after the miscarriage is found to avoid any possible infections.

When thinking about the missed miscarriage signs usually you have to be looking for an unusual discharge and cramping or abdominal pain. These are the most obvious signs. However in some cases there are no signs at all for a while and you just have to wait for them to appear.


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