Should You Feel Guilty About Abortion?

1 out of 3 women in the U.S. have an abortion by the time they are 45 years old so really this is a very telling statistic about how common the phenomenon of abortion really is.

Prolife and Prochoice are two sides of a raging debate, wherein each side has some very valid points, whereas the former present abortion as murder, the latter view is that women should have the choice to make the decision that is best for them.

The fact is that no one except the woman who has conceived knows exactly the circumstances in which the fetus was conceived, her own mental, physical and financial state as regards her ability to bring another child into the world, her fear at being completely unable to cope and about the plans that she has for herself in the long term.misccariage

There are many personal reasons that a woman may have to have a pregnancy terminated. There is the option of putting a child up for adoption but system is not always so efficient as to be able to place children in homes that want them and are able to look after them.

Additionally, a woman may feel unable to carry the child to term and then offer it for adoption. It is difficult for many to envisage the uncertain future that a baby may have when it hasn’t a natural guardian to take care of it. A future such as that may be difficult or even impossible for many to contemplate.

There is also one view that says abortion is much the same as birth control: both prevent life, however at different stages. This view is of course rejected for the reason that with birth control there is no destruction as such. However consider the point of viability of life.

A fetus is not viable until a certain point in gestation, and cannot survive on its own before that time. Until such time it is not considered an individual in its own right and is therefore up to the woman to decide what is best for her body, her life and eventually her baby when she chooses to have it.

Abortion is legal and no woman needs to feel guilty for having chosen to go that way.

It is important to remember that no one who pickets abortion clinics or who otherwise tries to discourage abortion knows exactly what it is to have undergone what that woman, who is considering an abortion, has undergone. No one except that woman knows exactly her circumstances, her thoughts and her conflicts.


  1. hi,
    Ya we should feel guilty after abortion because it is in our’s hand to plan a baby so, why the condition of abortion arises. It is only because I really love babies & while pregnancy what type of care we should do, it is very well known. Its a God’s gift that a women get a new birth(life) when she give birth to a baby.

  2. I totally agree with above comment. We should feel guilty of having an abortion. Life is sacred, a gift and a miracle. The fact that the law allows it doesn’t mean it’s right or that we should feel proud about it. Plus the future psychological consequences for the mother are huge.
    It’s nice to hear about women having the right to choose. heir only their unborn sons and and daughters were given the same right….


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