Spontaneous Miscarriage Signs You Must Learn All About

Before thinking about the spontaneous miscarriage signs you should know what spontaneous miscarriage really refers to. This means the loss of the pregnancy before the 20th week.

The truth is that the doctors don’t really know why some women have a miscarriage while others don’t.

Spontaneous Miscarriage Signs

The signs of spontaneous miscarriage

The most common sign of the problem is vaginal bleeding. Usually this starts as spotting. As the time goes by the bleeding doesn’t stop, but it becomes heavier. In the majority of the cases the women who experience spotting or bleeding won’t have any complications and they will have a normal pregnancy but the presence of heavy bleeding is always a problem.


Another symptom of spontaneous miscarriage is cramping. At the beginning most women experience mild cramping, but the symptom gets worse as the time goes by. Just as in case of bleeding, some cramping is normal in case of each pregnancy. This might be caused by the growing uterus. Cramping can also be caused by the bowel movement or the bladder being too full.

No morning sickness

When thinking about the spontaneous miscarriage signs it is possible you will notice that you don’t have morning sickness anymore or that your breasts aren’t sore or tender anymore. Although it is normal for these symptoms to subside with time, these can also indicate that you had a miscarriage.

Lack of symptoms

If you think you have one of the spontaneous miscarriage symptoms like cramping or bleeding, but soon the symptom disappears, most probably it means that it was just a normal sign of pregnancy. However if the spotting turns into bleeding and the cramping gets worse, it is very likely that you had a miscarriage.

Your doctor

If you think you see any of the spontaneous miscarriage signs you should let your doctor know right away. If you notice that you are passing tissue the best thing that you could do is to place the tissue that you passed in a container. This is important because the doctor might want to examine this tissue.


To find out whether you really had the warning signs of spontaneous miscarriage or not, you will have to have a physical exam, ultrasounds and your doctor will measure your hormone levels. Based on these three tests he or she will be able to tell you whether you are still pregnant or not.

The truth is that the spontaneous miscarriage signs aren’t easy to recognize, but you have to do your best to cope with them if they appear.


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