7 Things not to Say to a Woman Who had a Miscarriage

Miscarriage can be a very disheartening experience for a woman.  Not only does it mean parting away from a life growing inside her but also kills her expectation of a bright future with her child. It is true that communicating with a woman who has just had a miscarriage is not easy as it is difficult to find words that could possibly calm her but there are certain things which one must avoid saying.

Some words and sentences which are meant to comfort a woman who is dealing with a miscarriage can have a rather reverse effect. The following are the 7 things not to say to a woman who had a miscarriage:

things not to say to a woman who had a miscarriage

Everything Happens for a Reason

While it may seem like the correct thing to say, it doesn’t really come out well and can make one feel even worse than she already is.  This is a sentence which most people fall back upon but it is not at all helpful.

Atleast you can get Pregnant

When a pregnancy results in a miscarriage, this sentence may not provide comfort or make one feel positive.  This sentence hardly provides comfort to a woman dealing with a failed pregnancy.

May be you Shouldn’t have Eaten/Drunk this/that

Another thing which one must avoid saying to a woman who had a miscarriage is that you shouldn’t have eaten/drunk this or that.  While it may be a well-meaning sentence, it can really hurt someone who is already upset and makes one feel that she didn’t do enough to take care of the baby.  Also, most women do not like to be reminded of the mistakes they made that may have resulted in something as grave as a miscarriage.

Atleast Miscarriage Happened Early in the Pregnancy

To woman who had just had a miscarriage, it doesn’t really matter whether it happened early or late. Thus saying that it’s good that the miscarriage happened early is not a comforting statement and one must avoid saying it. Women who had just had a failed pregnancy are often not in the mood or state of mind to hear such things.

You will Forget about it with Time

This is another thing you must never to say to a female who had a miscarriage. Most women and their partners do not forget about miscarriages and some may not even want to. Thus saying that you will get over it with time isn’t the best thing to do.

May be this means that you are not yet ready for a baby

This is one thing that you must never say to a woman.  This is a negative way to look at the situation and may upset the woman even more than she already is.

Don’t Worry, you will Get Pregnant Again

Saying this may seem like the correct way to console but it may not always be welcomed appropriately by the woman who has just had a miscarriage.


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