How to Handle a Pregnancy Headache?

It is normal for women to be affected by a pregnancy headache.

The good news is that there is a lot that they could do to make the situation better even if they don’t want to take any medications.

There are some home remedies that you can try to make you feel better.

Pregnancy Headache

Help with headaches during pregnancy

One of the best things that you may do is to rest. For this you should lie down in a quiet room and just close your eyes. Another option that you have is to use a compress. Use a warm compress and apply it on your eyes, face and temples. A cold compress might also help if you apply it to the back of your head.

Massages may work in case of headaches when being pregnant too. Usually pregnant women need a neck or shoulder massage. Try massaging your temples as well. If nothing seems to be working, you should talk to your health care provider for him or her to give you some advice.


In case you are affected by headaches while being pregnant you should know that there are some medications that you can take because they are safe for pregnant women, such as acetaminophen. This means that you can have Tylenol from time to time to treat these headaches.


The best thing you might do about the pregnancy headaches is to avoid them. For instance you should avoid the headache triggers. Track the things you do and eat for a period of time to find the triggers and then make sure that you avoid them.

Physical activity and stress

If you happen to have pregnant women’s headaches, you should consider having some daily exercises like walking. Also consider better stress management. Maybe this is the right time to start delegating the activities that you have and spend some time with the people who lift your spirits.

Relaxation techniques and meals

Deep breathing, visualization and yoga should help with the headaches of pregnant women. In the same time smaller and more frequent meals can also help you avoid the problem. This way your blood sugar level will be constant throughout the day.

Fluids and sleep schedule

If you are properly hydrated you can avoid the maternity headaches. If you don’t have enough sleep or you are fatigued the headaches can get worse. The best thing you may do is to go to bed and wake up around the same time every day, even if you don’t have to work.


The main point of biofeedback in case of the headaches of maternity is to control some of the body functions, such as heart rate, muscle tension and blood pressure. This way you could prevent the headaches and make them better.

Since headaches in early pregnancy are quite common, you have to find your own ways to manage them. You should try different techniques so that you will know which ones work for you and use them to treat the headaches.


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