Chiropractic and Pregnancy – Get the Facts

In case you are thinking about chiropractic and pregnancy you should know that chiropractic care refers to the maintenance of the discs, spinal column, bone geometry and nerves without the use of drugs or medication.

It actually is the science and the art of adjusting the joints of the body.

Chiropractic and Pregnancy

Are pregnancy and chiropractic safe?

At the moment there are no known risks connected to chiropractic care. All the practitioners are trained to work with pregnant women. Handling pregnant women or women who wish to become pregnant is routine activity for the majority of the practitioners.

When thinking about chiropractic care and pregnancy you should know that there are some specialists who are especially interested in prenatal and postnatal care. These specialists could use tables to adjust the body of pregnant women. They also use special techniques that won’t put unnecessary pressure on the belly.

Why should you think about chiropractic and pregnancy?

For sure you know that during pregnancy your body goes through different changes in order to prepare your body for nurturing the baby. As a result you might have misaligned or protruding joints. Remember that the increased back curve, protruding abdomen, pelvic changes and the postural adaptations all lead to problems with backaches.

You might be thinking about pregnancy and chiropractic care in order to establish pelvic alignment and balance. If the pelvis is misaligned, there might not be enough room for the baby to develop normally. This situation is known as intrauterine constraint.

The misaligned pelvis is a reason to think about chiropractic and pregnancy. This situation could make it difficult for the baby to get into the right birthing position. As a result the mother may need a C-section. It is possible that this way the baby will get into a breech position.

Benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy

The potential benefits include, having a healthy pregnancy; controlling the appearing nausea, decreasing the time needed for labor and childbirth; making the back, joint and neck pain better; and preventing a possible delivery by C-section.

Chiropractic care and breech delivery

In case you are interested in chiropractic and pregnancy you should know that there is a special adjustment and analysis developed to establish the balance of the pelvis and thus reducing the stress in the ligaments and uterus. This state of the uterus is the best for optimal fetal positioning.

When thinking about chiropractic care when being pregnant you should know that sometimes it is considered normal for a baby to be in a breech position until the third trimester. The doctors aren’t concerned about this position until the 37th week of pregnancy. In about 4% cases the babies are born in a breech position.

The truth is that there is a lot that chiropractic and pregnancy can do for you. It’s not just about having the baby in the right position, but also about feeling better during pregnancy. Chiropractic care can help you with the pain that you may experience, especially in the back and the neck.


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