Is Cramping During First Trimester Pregnancy Good or Bad?

It is quite common to experience cramping during first trimester pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a time when numerous changes happen in the body of women and one of these changes leads to cramping. Remember that it is normal for the early stages to be accompanied by cramping.

Cramping During First Trimester Pregnancy

Should you worry about the cramping in the first trimester?

In the majority of the cases there is nothing to be worried about if you experience some cramping. Nonetheless there are some situations when the cramping means that there is something wrong. For instance, if you experience severe cramping on one side it might mean that you have an ectopic pregnancy.

If this is the case regarding first trimester cramping, the symptoms have to be addressed at once. If you ignore an ectopic pregnancy you could end up having ruptured fallopian tubes. Another symptom that you can experience is cramping and pain in the upper abdomen that extends to the right shoulder.

Gallbladder disease

In this case the cramping during first trimester pregnancy suggests that you may have gallbladder disease. This is a problem that affects a lot of pregnant women. Naturally there are some other situations as well when the cramping is a worrisome symptom.

You could get alarmed if the first trimester’s pregnancy cramping lasts for more than an hour, if you also experience chills or fever, if you have vaginal discharge that is different from the usual discharge or if you experience pain that lasts for more than a couple of hours.

The onset

When thinking about the onset of the cramping during first trimester pregnancy you should know that this occurs differently in case of each woman. Don’t forget that the uterus has to stretch to accommodate the growing baby and so it is just natural to experience some cramping.

Nonetheless if the first trimester pregnancy cramping is severe, this is something that you should mention to your obstetrician. If you think that there might be anything wrong, it is a must to discuss your concerns with your doctor.  The cramping can be caused by implantation, the stretching of the uterus, round ligament pain, pressure on the nerves, gas formation, sex, or a cyst of the corpus luteum.

In case of the cramping during first trimester pregnancy it is important not to get scared and to assess your situation. Consider whether the cramping can be considered normal or not and try to keep calm while monitoring how you feel.


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