Why do you Experience Shoulder Pain During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a wonderful experience for women as after playing the various roles of daughter, wife and other she enters into a significant phase of her life, the motherhood. It makes a women go through various physical and psychological changes.

The hormones like estrogen and progesterone cause many changes in the body. A change which troubles women commonly is pain in the various parts of the body although some women might not feel it. As the body grows in size and the weight increases back pain, joint pain, shoulder pain are found to be common in women during pregnancy.

shoulder pain during pregnancyCauses of Shoulder Pain During Pregnancy

There can be various causes of shoulder pain in pregnancy. However, whether serious or not so serious it should be examined by a doctor and treated accordingly.

Ectopic Pregnancy

The pain is caused due to internal bleeding which disturbs the diaphragm. The pain is actually experienced at the tip of the shoulder. This issue is serious and must be consulted with a doctor immediately.


Large meals or fatty meals can give rise to a gallbladder disorder which occur due to deposits of calcium, cholesterol in the gall bladder. This might lead to pain in the shoulder blades. During pregnancy the digestion is generally slow and thus the gallbladder loses its ability to empty itself completely. This in turn gives rise to the gallbladder disorders.

Body Weight and Posture

During pregnancy body weight increases and the abdominal muscles stretch whenever you change your posture; sudden pull in the muscles or prolonged wrong posture can also lead to shoulder pain.

Loose Ligaments

The progesterone hormone production increases during pregnancy and this leads to the flexibility of ligaments and muscles of the body. This along with increased body weight and changed posture leads to shoulder pain.

Digestion Problems

Digestion is slowed down and it may lead to bloating, constipation and flatulence which can also cause shoulder pain.

Sleep Posture

Pregnant women tend to sleep on one side or are advised to sleep on their left side sometimes. This might strain the shoulders and cause pain.

It is best to take minimum medicines during pregnancy and pain killers are definitely not advised! Therefore, adopting few natural remedies to reduce the shoulder pain would be wise and beneficial. Do not stress yourself – relax and stay calm, drink lot of water and take adequate rest throughout the day. Spicy and fatty meals should be avoided. Do mild exercises under the supervision of an expert.

Use a pillow for support under your right side if you have a habit of lying on your left while sleeping. Take advice from dietician and indulge in a healthy and balanced diet. If needed, see a chiropractor who might use massage therapy to soothe you. Apply heat or ice on the affected part if the pain is persistent. Try exercises like yoga and swimming which will not only reduce the pain but also make you feel better.

Exercises like walking or stretching can also be useful. Apart from following these steps consult a doctor and be careful about more serious issues like ectopic pregnancy where the implantation occurs in other parts of the reproductive system other than the uterine wall. Always consult a doctor and follow the advice strictly for a smooth and happy journey towards motherhood.


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