3 Most Common Birth Control Myths

Do you want to prevent unwanted pregnancy? Are you aware of birth control myths?

It is very essential for you to be aware with birth control myths to avoid unwanted pregnancies.

Here are few of most common birth control myths.

  1. Breast feeding women will not get pregnant
  2. This is very common myth related to birth control, which most of you commonly think. However, it is absolutely false perception regarding birth control. The reason is quite simple. Your ovulation process doesn’t stop, even if you are breastfeeding. As long as your ovulation process continues, you can certainly get pregnant.

  3. Missing 1 birth control pill can increase your pregnancy risk
  4. Most of you may actually have fear of getting pregnancy if you miss 1 pill. But there is no need for you to get tensed. If you skip a pill today, you can take 2 the next day.

  5. You took shower after sexual intercourse, so you can’t get pregnant
  6. This is another common misconception related to birth control and pregnancy. In reality, even if you take shower or douche after sexual intercourse, one lucky sperm would obviously enter into your uterus and already find its way to egg. So, you can certainly have chances of getting pregnant.

Know more about other birth control myths and clarify your doubts regarding birth control from health care provider to avoid unwanted pregnancies.


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