Why to Consider Abortion Help?

Abortion isn’t an easy thing to go through. This is why you might be thinking about abortion help. It is possible that you have a friend who is going through a procedure of this kind and maybe you want to be there for her. The best thing you could do is to offer practical help.

Abortion Help

No assumptions and helping with abortion

According to professionals, the best thing you could do is not to have any assumptions regarding the pregnancy of a friend. Most definitely you shouldn’t say that you assume she won’t keep the baby. Instead you should listen closely to your friend and respond without judgment and with compassion.

If you want to offer abortion support you shouldn’t congratulate your friend nor ask her what she will do. The best thing you could ask is how she feels about the whole thing. Also ask whether you could help and how. No matter how much you know about her, don’t forget that this should be her decision.

In case of abortion help it is important not to tell your friend what she is supposed to do but listen to her while she explains how she feels. She should be leading your conversation. You shouldn’t assume that anyone else knows about her situation. Also don’t assume anything about her use of birth control.

Practical help

In case she wants to have an abortion, you should offer practical support for abortion. There are many things that you could do. For instance you should find out more about the procedure that she will have and about the period after the procedure. You could ask whether she wants to know the details of the procedure.

As abortion help you could call the hospital and ask questions about the abortion procedure. It would be good to have some information about how she should prepare for the procedure too. Tell her that this is the time to ask all her questions. Make sure that she chooses a clinic where the patients are treated with respect.

Most probably she will need some abortion assistance. For instance she might need someone to take her to the clinic. This person could be you. You could also help her figure out whether her insurance covers for the procedure or not. If not, seek funding from the local abortion fund.

Bring her things she likes

The professionals suggest that friends should think of abortion help as a situation when their friend needs some attention and care. In case you know which things would make her feel better, like magazines, foods or drinks, it is a good idea to create a package for her.

When it comes to assistance with abortion you should know that after the procedure women could feel cranky or groggy. So you could stock up with soup, tea or any other foods that she likes, comfortable clothes, pads, and a heating pad.

You can learn more about how you can offer abortion help to a friend who has to go through a procedure of this kind.


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