Abortion Pill Procedure Step by Step

There are a lot of women who are interested in the abortion pill procedure step by step.

This procedure is also known as medical abortion and the main point is to take certain kinds of medications to end a pregnancy. This option is available in the first 9 weeks of pregnancy.

The pill

If you are sure that this is what you want to do, you will receive the abortion pill at the office of your doctor. You will also have to take antibiotics after you take the pill. These pills work by blocking progesterone. Without this hormone the uterus’ lining breaks down and the pregnancy ends.


Abortion Pill Procedure Step by StepThis is the second pill of the step by step abortion pill process. The main point of this medicine is to empty the uterus. This step needs to be planned by you and your doctor. You have to agree on the time and place. It has to be taken up to three days after the first pill.

You will receive instructions regarding the abortion pill procedure step by step from your doctor. As a result of the medication, you will experience cramps and heavy bleeding. It is possible to notice the bleeding even before you take the second medication. Usually the bleeding and the cramps last for a few hours.

During the abortion pill process step by step it is possible that you will pass tissue and blood clots. Sometimes women abort 4-5 hours after they take the medication. In other cases the process takes longer. Normally the pregnancy is supposed to abort in a few days.

What to expect?

It is normal to see spotting or bleeding as a result of the types of abortion pill procedure step by step for a few weeks after the abortion. It is useful to have tampons and sanitary pads at hand. This way you will be able to keep track of the amount of blood you pass.

The follow-up

This is a very important part of the step by step procedure of the abortion pill. You will have your appointment a couple of weeks after your abortion. During this appointment the doctor will make sure that your uterus is truly empty. You might need a blood test and an ultrasound.

There is a lot that you could know about the abortion pill procedure step by step before using it.


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